Sunday February 01 , 2015

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LoTi® Digital-Age Survey

Plan your next professional development experience with the results from the LoTi® Digital Age Survey. The LoTi® Digital-Age Survey—based on Moersch’s LoTi® Framework (1994)—is an empirically-validated tool that creates a personalized digital-age professional development profile for participants aligned to the NETS for Teachers (NETS-T) and Administrators (NETS-A). Since its inception in 1994, the LoTi® Framework has been used as the basis for (1) statewide technology use surveys, (2) LoTi’s® Digital-Age School improvement model, and (3) a classroom walkthrough tool impacting thousands of schools nationally.

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Personal Survey Results

After taking the LoTi® Digital Age Survey participants are presented with a detailed profile of suggested professional development priorities aligned to the NETS for Teachers (NETS-T) or Administrators (NETS-A). In addition, this profile offers recommendations aligned to five popular instructional initiatives including (1) Level of Teaching Innovation (LoTi®), (2) Partnership for 21st Century Skills, (3) Marzano’s Research-based Instructional Practices, (4) Daggett’s Rigor & Relevance, and (5) Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.

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Survey Research

The LoTi® assessment has undergone extensive research over the past 20 years and has emerged as a statistically-valid tool achieving (1) content, (2) construct, and (3) criterion validity; therefore proving that the LoTi® assessment can be used to accurately diagnose instructional uses of technology and recommend professional development priorities consistent with 21st Century Skills and the NETS-T and NETS-A.

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Survey Benefits

The LoTi® Digital Age Survey has a variety of unique benefits that make it the leader in online technology assessments:

  • The LoTi® Digital Age Survey online assessment is the only nationally-validated technology needs assessment instrument in the country
  • The LoTi® Digital Age Survey online assessment is the ONLY assessment instrument that measures teacher's current instructional practices. Research has shown a statistically-significant relationship between current instructional practices and student achievement on standardized test scores.

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LoTi® Profiler Online Reporting Tool

For detailed aggregate results from the LoTi® Digital Age Survey, you can purchase the LoTi® Profiler online reporting tool. The LoTi® Profiler online tool provides a real-time, easy-to-use, suite of convenient management tools to keep track of every aspect of your group's interaction with the LoTi® Digital Age Survey! The reporting package gives you the option to view aggregate information for each organization on the screen in both graph and table format, and includes options for generating aggregate LoTi® Dgitial Age Profile reports. Developing District or Building Technology Plans has never been easier than with the LoTi® Profiler!

A LoTi® Profiler annual subscription includes unlimited online access to the LoTi® Profiler tool including aggregate data availability for one year.

Download a sample school LoTi® Digital-Age Profile, available as part of the LoTi® Profiler online reporting tool:

PDF: Sample LoTi® Digital Age Profile

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Turning Up the H.E.A.T.® with Classroom Walkthroughs

Image Achieving academic success on statewide standardized tests requires a series of complementary strategies, frameworks, and resources aimed at improving student achievement.

LoTi® Observer

Image The LoTi® Observer is an online tool that calculates a teacherʼs LoTi® Level based on an administratorʼs recorded walkthrough observations using an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch PDA.

H.E.A.T.® Coaching Certification

Image Does your school system have the digital tools and resources to turn up the H.E.A.T.® on student learning, but lack the focused professional development to take action?