Saturday April 30 , 2016

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LoTi® Partners

LoTi® forms partnerships with school systems and organizations that share a common vision for digital age teaching, learning, and leadership.

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Action Research

The LoTi® Framework has been used for action research in doctoral dissertations, masters theses, journal articles, conference papers, books, and anthologies from around the world. 

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LoTi® Publications

Browse publications about improving student achievement, increasing student-centered learning, or heightening classroom teaching innovation.

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Conference Connection

LoTi Connection attends conferences around the nation each year as both speakers/presenters and as exhibitors. Look for us at the next instructional technology, charter school, or curriculum and instruction conference in your area. Check our Conference Connection page for updates on where you can find us next.

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Grant Resources

Are you involved in a grant utilizing the LoTi® Observer walkthrough tool or the LoTi® Digital Age Survey? Grants that require a pre and post assessment often use LoTi® tools to obtain specific data related to the grant performance. Check the Grant Resources page for any specific resources related to your grant.

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