About LoTi Connection

Our team of education professionals works to make better education simple. We use our unique skills and talents to streamline education processes using research-based solutions.


Our Research

Our frameworks have been empirically-validated and continue to undergo action research through doctoral dissertations, academic journals, conference presentations, and other publications.


Our Frameworks

Our research-based frameworks focus on innovative teaching practices, student learning outcomes, and digital age best practices.

Our Products

Our products collect formative and summative classroom observation data and self-reported teacher survey data to provide school systems with research-based, triangulated measures of professional practice.


Our Custom Solutions

We understand that school systems work hard to develop their own recipe for success. We work hard to provide flexible and customizable data collection and reporting tools that make better education simple. Let's talk about what we can do for you.


"LoTi gave us tools to increase staff and student engagement in addition to creating a common language and school focus. It is easy, we turn up the H.E.A.T. and we increase student achievement."

Kimberly Fitzgerald

Principal and Chief Academic Officer

Urban Pathways K5 College Charter School in Pittsburgh, PA


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