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LoTi SimplePrep Dashboard

Perception + Consistency = Continuous Improvement

Simplify how you track and report teacher candidate progress toward the principals of universal design for learning in supervised clinical experiences and program perceptions. The LoTi SimplePrep Dashboard™ combines candidate self-assessment data, classroom observation data, and professional learning milestones to track and report teacher candidates' growth with digital teaching and learning. Collect quality data for candidate professional learning, program improvement, and/or state/national accreditation with this easy-to-use tool.

The LoTi SimplePrep Dashboard™ provides preparation program providers with a real-time snapshot of candidate progress. The research-based metrics track and report candidate growth at multiple points and supply vital program feedback and professional learning recommendations aligned to the InTASC and CAEP Standards.

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Quality Evidence Through Multiple Measures

The LoTi SimplePrep Dashboard™ uses multiple measures to minimize the time needed for gathering and reporting quality data while highlighting valuable program preparation trends and recommendations.

LoTi Survey for Teacher Candidates


The empirically-validated LoTi Digital Age Survey collects teacher candidate self-assessment data on program perceptions and classroom technology integration practices—for multiple cohorts—at the beginning, middle, and end of the preparation program.

TPP Teacher Observation


The TPP Teacher Observation uses simplified "look-fors" aligned to the InTASC Standards, the Danielson Framework for Teaching, the ISTE Standards, and the LoTi Framework to offer quick data collection with robust, research-based results.

Professional Learning Tracker


The LoTi SimplePrep Dashboard™ collects evidence of candidate-completed professional development hours. An optional add-on allows program administrators to recommend specialized PD to candidates & completers based on classroom observation data.

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In-Depth Reporting Meets Multiple Needs

LoTi Framework  • InTASC Standards  • CAEP Standards • ISTE Standards for Educators  • H.E.A.T. Framework • Danielson Framework for Teaching (Domains 2 & 3)  • Digital Age Best Practices • SAM-R Framework • Daggett’s Rigor & Relevance  • Webb’s DoK


For Providers

A Real-Time Dashboard

24/7 Monitoring of Teacher Candidates
Individual Teacher Candidate Profiles
Teacher Candidate PD Tracker
Cohort Survey and Observation Reporting
Cohort Reports based on CAEP Standards

Business Meeting

For Candidates

A Personalized Profile

Individual Survey Results & Recommendations
Personalized Professional Development Planner
Observation Results & Feedback
24/7 Access to Personal Profile
Real-Time Survey and Observation Scores

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Quiet Desk

LoTi SimplePrep Dashboard

Try it Yourself

  • Go to the LoTi SimplePrep Dashboard login page.

  • Under LOGIN, enter the demo Username and Password:  eppadmin

  • ​To review sample cohort data, click on the 2017-2019 Cohort.

  • To see a teacher's dashboard, click on a candidate name.

  • To try the LoTi Digital Age Survey, choose Take a Survey from the Candidate Surveys menu.

  • To try the EPP Teacher Observation, choose Conduct an Observation from the Candidate Observations menu.

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Let's Get Started

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LoTi Digital Age Survey for EPP Teacher Candidates

Take a Sample Survey

  • Click the button below to access the LoTi Lounge

  • Under LOGIN, enter the demo Username and Password:  eppadmin

  • Click the Take a LoTi Survey button on the main page

  • Click on Start a New Survey to complete a sample survey

  • Review personal results with targeted recommendations and overall group trends in this demo account.

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