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Hundreds of dissertations have been published using our frameworks and their focus on using technology to develop higher-order questioning and learner engagement through real-world connections. Contact us to use the LoTi Survey as part of your dissertation study.

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Empirical Validation

The LoTi survey has undergone extensive research over 20+ years and has emerged as a statistically-valid tool achieving (1) content, (2) construct, and (3) criterion validity.


Survey Instrument

The LoTi Digital Age Survey instrument is available in two versions for use in dissertations; one for teachers and one for school leaders.

Sample Results

Dissertation candidates get a detailed group profile and access to disaggregated data while survey participants get real-time, personalized recommendations in the key metric areas.


Dissertation Study Use

Review what LoTi provides to ensure you know what to expect when using the LoTi Survey as part of a dissertation study.

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"LoTi gave us tools to increase staff and student engagement in addition to creating a common language and school focus. It is easy, we turn up the H.E.A.T. and we increase student achievement."

Kimberly Fitzgerald

Principal and Chief Academic Officer

Urban Pathways K5 College Charter School in Pittsburgh, PA

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