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Evaluation Portfolio

Online Educator Effectiveness Portfolio

Professional practice cannot be gauged by formal observations alone; multiple measures are required to see a truer picture of a teacher's real-world effectiveness. Our online Evaluation Portfolio synthesizes formal teacher observation data, classroom evidence, student growth objectives, student academic targets, and professional learning targets into a single summative rating in line with your state's educator effectiveness guidelines. No matter how you collect formal evaluation data, the Evaluation Portfolio will streamline the process for both teachers and school/district administrators.

Evaluation Portfolios: Projects

One Location Makes it Simple

Our permissions-based system allows teachers to interact with their own portfolio data while providing administrators with simple tools to monitor their entire staff from a single location. Portfolio components are customizable so that each group's portfolio is focused on their own professional priorities.


Formal Observations

Formal teacher observation data can be collected using our system or imported from your existing tool. Any evaluation framework, domain weights, or rating system can be used and teachers are encouraged to upload evidence that supports their classroom practice. Custom weighted teacher practice factors such as attendance, lesson plan submissions, and school event participation allow districts to include priorities beyond their observation framework in the teacher practice score.

Student Growth/Learning Objectives

Teachers can set and upload evidence of multiple student growth/learning objectives (SGO/SLO) in line with their own requirements. Simple single-click approval links with automatic date/timestamps ensure that teachers and administrators can easily document their adherence to required timelines. A convenient flagging system and SGO/SLO status report lets administrators keep tabs on each teacher's SGO/SLO progress throughout the school year.


Professional Development Plan

Teachers can create their annual professional development plan using a simple template in the Electronic Portfolio, even if they're on a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). Throughout the school year, teachers can enter their completed PD, upload their completion certificates, and track their hours toward meeting their annual PD requirements. Administrators can even recommend or assign PD to specific teachers or to specific department or PLC teams.

Student Academic Targets

An optional component is incorporated for teachers required to include student academic achievement data (e.g., median student growth percentile (mSGP)) as a component of their educator effectiveness rating. Annual Summative Rating scoring components are automatically weighted according to the requirements each teacher is assigned by the district.


Annual Summative Rating

Each portfolio component is weighted according to your state's teacher evaluation guidelines to produce an Annual Summative Rating. Once all components are complete and the Annual Summative Rating has been calculated, the Evaluation Portfolio records the electronic signature of both the teacher and their administrator. A convenient PDF report includes all required component scores and the signatures for long-term storage. Administrators can download a schoolwide reporting file of all required scores for easy upload to their state educator effectiveness site (e.g., NJ Homeroom).

Administrator Portfolio

The Evaluation Portfolio tool isn't just for teachers. In addition to administrator practice data, administrator Evaluation Portfolios include components for student growth averages, academic target averages, administrator goals, and leadership goals.

Evaluation Portfolios: Features

Evaluation Portfolio Management

Simple overview tables, one-click approvals, and downloadable progress reports allow administrators to manage every aspecct of the staff evaluation process easier than ever before.

Portfolio Overview

The Portfolio Overview table provides a quick-glance look at completed observations, SGO data, and teacher input that has been flagged for review.

Signatures & Approvals

Electronic signature blocks and single-click approvals offer date/timestamp component tracking aligned to state-required timelines.

Real-Time Progress Reports

Downloadable reports offer a real-time schoolwide snapshot of observations, SGO status, PDP checkpoints, signature verification, and more.

Evaluation Portfolios: Features

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