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Promoting Higher Order Thinking Processes

Students need practice making connections between what they are learning and what they already know. Higher order thinking strategies allow students to practice everyday complex thinking skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, investigation, reflective thinking, experimental inquiry, and inductive/deductive reasoning. Give teachers a full toolbox of complex thinking strategies that promote collaboration while immersing students in the content with complex questions.

Higher Order Thinking: Project

At this workshop

Higher order thinking processes prepare students to address complex real-world situations. At this institute, participants will examine critical thinking in terms of cognitive complexity, explore strategies for designing collaborative activities that engage students in critical thinking, and analyze resources for increasing the level of student cognition in lessons every day.

Participants will leave with a toolbox of strategies for generating student questions, deepening content understanding, and preparing students to tackle complex personal and social issues.

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Higher Order Thinking: Welcome

Flexible Delivery

Our workshops focus on evidence-based approaches that can be used by teachers and leaders immediately. Flexible delivery options—ranging from face-to-face onsite institutes to self-paced online learning—help simplify and personalize professional learning for all stakeholders. Schedule a workshop that fits your unique time and budget needs.

All delivery methods include access to the selected course content online for one full year from the date of purchase.

Onsite with a LoTi Trainer

LoTi provides one certified trainer on-location to perform 6 hours of instruction for up to 25 participants; includes interactive activities, simulations, and rich discussions supported by the online content.

Online with a District Trainer

LoTi provides one online course (via the LoTi Classroom) for participants and local facilitators. District trainers can guide participants through the content in a single face-to-face PD day or during regular PLC meetings.

Online Self-Paced Course

LoTi provides one course (via the LoTi Classroom) for participants and local facilitators. Participants lead themselves through the content at their own pace and are issued a badge and certificate upon completion.

Higher Order Thinking: Features

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Higher Order Thinking: Welcome
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