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How to Build a Learning Menu

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How do we move away from “teaching to the middle” given the level of diverse proficiency in the classroom as well as the ongoing pressure to cover all of the content? Tiering a lesson is about making adjustments to the content, process, and/or product of a learning episode based on students’ current readiness level, interests, and/or learning profile. On a larger scale, it is about establishing a growth mindset that suggests students can grow with effort. This PD Byte investigates the process of tiering learning activities using learning menus (also known as choice boards), explores learning menus that differentiate content by student readiness level, and provides learning menu samples and templates to easily create menus that foster all students mastering the same academic standards through multiple pathways.

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Personalize your professional development plan by focusing on one goal at a time. Mix and match PD Byte topics to build a professional learning plan that fits your needs, budget, and schedule.

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