Teaching Innovation On the Rise

September 27, 2017


LoTi is an acronym for Levels of Teaching Innovation and represents how a teacher plans, delivers, and evaluates instructional episodes during the school day. Using the LoTi Framework as the measuring stick, what is current Level of Teaching Innovation (LoTi) in school’s today?


While attending a school improvement conference in San Antonio last week, I discovered a another way of determining the LoTi Level, albeit lacking in the necessary psychometrics of a structured self-assessment or the inter-rater reliability of a walkthrough protocol. It’s using the vendor’s exhibit hall as the true litmus test for determining the actual LoTi Level. Why? Vendors are in the business of making money by selling their goods whether it be textbooks, digital applications, manipulatives, or services (e.g., professional learning). Based on the vendors present at the conference, it is apparent that the LoTi Level has increased dramatically over the years.

What did I see? Many vendors were pitching STEM/STEAM products, robotics, digital tools that promoted complex thinking, virtual reality applications, and Project-based Learning initiatives – all indicative of a LoTi 3 or higher. What this means is that schools have now moved beyond using technology for technology-sake, but are using technology to promote student H.E.A.T. (Higher Order Thinking, Engaged Learning, Authentic Connections, Technology Use). As access to digital resources and best practice teaching strategies increase, the trend in rising levels of teaching innovation is sure to continue.


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