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Summer Institutes 2018

Simplify Summer PD for Better Student Results

Personalize professional learning with practical strategies that can be used right away. Focusing on simple yet proven metrics that impact student success provides the greatest return on your Summer PD investment. Schedule a LoTi Teacher or Leader Summer Institute to reconnect with classroom tools and strategies that yield long-term rewards.

Candidate PD Porfolio: Projects

Teacher Institutes

Learn practical strategies for incorporating best practices into daily instruction one step at a time. These institutes introduce digital age best practice strategies, offer practical resources, and guide participants through a trial run in their own classroom.


Creating Formative Assessments to Measure Student Readiness

Apply informal assessment strategies including Think-Pair-Squares, Performance-based Assessments, and Umpiring


Deepening Learning with Horizontal Differentiation

Analyze differentiation strategies & personalized resources that align with student interests & learning profiles


Engaging Students in Every Activity Every Day

Design activities that enhance active learning through student-led choices about the content, process, or product


Promoting Higher Order Thinking

Examine critical thinking in terms cognitive complexity and design learning that promotes high level questioning


Promoting Collaboration to Inspire Student Learning

Apply collaborative learning environments that maximize learner engagement through problem-solving & issues resolution


Accelerating Individual Growth Through Vertical Differentiation

Integrate differentiation strategies that support personalized learning and target student readiness


Making Authentic Connections for Lasting Impact

Explore using web-based resources to integrate digital age themes through real-world content connections


Anchoring Learning with Digital Tools

Transform your classroom into a digital learning environment by anchoring learning with free digital resources

Candidate PD Porfolio: Features

Leader Institutes

Learn simple strategies that support school improvement all year long. These institutes introduce time-saving, data-driven strategies for planning and supporting innovative teaching, personalized student learning, and academic achievement.

Improving Teaching Practices in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Use a five-minute classroom walkthrough protocol to increase proficiency with student learning and teaching innovation

Streamlining Priorities with Simple Success Indicators

Create supports for deeper learning that helps students exceed academic targets with daily success indicators

Creating Feedback Cycles for Continuous Improvement

Incorporate a feedback cycle targeted at improved academic growth and continuous improvement strategies

Using Data to Elevate Professional Practice

Identify trends that elevate instructional practice, simplify student learning, and improve daily teaching innovation

Candidate PD Porfolio: Features

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