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Using Research to Make it Simple

Our frameworks have been empirically-validated and continue to undergo action research through doctoral dissertations, academic journals, conference presentations, and other publications.

Research: Projects

Empirical Validation

Validity & Reliability Research

The LoTi survey has undergone extensive research over 20+ years and has emerged as a statistically-valid tool achieving (1) content, (2) construct, and (3) criterion validity.


Doctoral Dissertations

Action Research

Hundreds of dissertations have been published using our frameworks and their focus on using technology to develop higher-order questioning and learner engagement through real-world connections.

Journal & Conference Publications

Published Research

Publications referencing our frameworks have been published around the world supporting the role of instructional technology in today's classrooms.


Books & Anthologies

Supporting Research

Books and anthologies referencing our frameworks have been published worldwide associated with instructional technology.

Research: Projects

Let's Get Started

Research: Welcome
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