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H.E.A.T./Danielson Teacher Evaluation

Formal Teacher Observation

Let go of evaluation process barriers and turn staff evaluations into a useful tool for planning. With up-front options for convenient data collection and back-end composite reporting, our easy-to-use system lets you focus on quality instruction. Our tool integrates the original Danielson Framework for Teaching with best practices research to provide an affordable, all-inclusive, modern-day version of the Danielson instrument.

Evaluation Made Simple

Evaluations don't have to be complicated. Our research-based frameworks for teaching, learning, and leadership make evaluation simple. Streamline priorities and focus on impact.

Research-based Instrument

The instrument aligns with the InTASC Standards, the Danielson Framework, and our empirically-validated LoTi and H.E.A.T. Frameworks

Key Indicator Observation Form

Aligned to the evaluation rubric, the observation form uses key indicators from each category to simplify the data collection process

Performance-based Descriptors

Performance-based descriptors for each rubric category quantify best practices, increase consistency, and support inter-rater reliability

Let's Get Started

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