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Making Authentic Connections for Lasting Impact

Students become vested in their own learning when teachers infuse authentic, real-world situations with learning experiences. Making authentic connections between critical content and students' own lives deepens the impact and long-term retention of a learning experience. Give teachers a full toolbox of simple strategies that employ 21st Century skills, themes, and web-based resources to connect what students are learning with their everyday lives.

Authentic Connections: Projects

At this workshop

Authentic connections challenge students to reflect on how their learning applies to real world situations by exploring real-life issues in their local and global communities. At this institute, participants will examine digital age themes at the elementary and secondary levels, explore strategies for integrating global themes, and evaluate web-based resources for making global connections.

Participants will leave with a comprehensive toolbox of strategies for infusing daily real-world connections through role-playing exercises, problem-based activities, case studies, and more.

Authentic Connections: Welcome

Flexible Delivery

Our workshops focus on evidence-based approaches that can be used by teachers and leaders immediately. Flexible delivery options—ranging from face-to-face onsite institutes to self-paced online learning—help simplify and personalize professional learning for all stakeholders. Schedule a workshop that fits your unique time and budget needs.

All delivery methods include access to the selected course content online for one full year from the date of purchase.

Onsite with a LoTi Trainer

LoTi provides one certified trainer on-location to perform 6 hours of instruction for up to 25 participants; includes interactive activities, simulations, and rich discussions supported by the online content.

Online with a District Trainer

LoTi provides one online course (via the LoTi Classroom) for participants and local facilitators. District trainers can guide participants through the content in a single face-to-face PD day or during regular PLC meetings.

Online Self-Paced Course

LoTi provides one course (via the LoTi Classroom) for participants and local facilitators. Participants lead themselves through the content at their own pace and are issued a badge and certificate upon completion.

Authentic Connections: Features

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Authentic Connections: Welcome
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