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LoTi Survey for Teacher Candidates

Teacher Candidate Self-Assessment

The LoTi® Survey for Teacher Candidates streamlines the process of collecting valid data for your EPP accreditation self-study or state/county program review. The survey is aligned with both the CAEP Standards and the InTASC Standards.

It's simple. Your teacher candidates take the annual survey and get real-time, personalized recommendations in the key metric areas. Your organization gets a detailed cohort-specific summative profile organized by CAEP Standard for easy accreditation reporting.

LoTi Survey for Teacher Candidates: Projects

Explore Program Trends

The empirically-validated LoTi Survey collects candidate data at the beginning, middle, and end of the teacher certification program. The reported survey data compares metrics within each program cohort as well as for all program cohorts over time. Program trends are reported by CAEP Standard for easy integration with accreditation documents.

LoTi Survey Benefits

The empirically-validated LoTi Digital Age Survey undergoes continued action research

Sample Candidate Report

Program candidates get real-time, personalized recommendations in the key metric areas

Sample Group Profile Report

Program administrators get a detailed cohort-specific profile report organized by CAEP Standard

LoTi Survey for Teacher Candidates: Features
Circular Library

Our Research

LoTi Survey for Teacher Candidates: Projects


Validity Research

With over 20 years of research, the LoTi survey has emerged as a statistically-valid tool achieving (1) content, (2) construct, and (3) criterion validity.


Journal & Conference Publications

Published Research

Publications referencing our frameworks have been published around the world supporting the role of instructional technology in today's classrooms.


Doctoral Dissertations

Action Reserach

Hundreds of dissertations have been published using our frameworks and their focus on elevating digital age best practices.

Collect Quality, CAEP-Aligned Evidence

Ensures that candidates model and apply technology standards

(Standard 1)

Uses multiple indicators and appropriate technology-based applications

(Standard 2)

Possesses valid and reliable evidence to report data

(Standard 3)

Demonstrates that candidates effectively apply professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions

(Standard 4)

Produces empirical evidence that interpretations of data are valid and consistent

(Standard 5)

LoTi Survey for Teacher Candidates: Features

Let's Get Started

LoTi Survey for Teacher Candidates: Welcome
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