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Evaluating Teacher Practice: How We Make it Simple

Observations don't have to be complicated. Our research-based frameworks for teaching, learning, and leadership make the observation process simple. Streamline priorities and focus on impact.

Formal Teacher Observations

H.E.A.T./Danielson Teacher Evaluation

Let go of formal observation process barriers and turn staff evaluations into a useful tool for planning. With up-front options for convenient data collection and back-end composite reporting, our easy-to-use system lets you focus on quality instruction. Our tool integrates the original Danielson Framework for Teaching with best practices research to provide an affordable, all-inclusive, modern-day version of the Danielson instrument.


Formal Principal Observations

H.E.A.T. Principal Evaluation

School leader effectiveness can't be determined with a single formal observation. Take the guesswork out of leader evaluations by collecting evidence and feedback from multiple sources every day. Our research-based solution uses best practice indicators to simplify the evaluation process and align teacher and leader outcomes.

Classroom Observations

H.E.A.T. Classroom Walkthrough

Teachers want to provide deeper personalized learning for all students. Turn your students into deeper learning gurus and drive improvement using simple success indicators every day. Using research-based application strategies simplifies the process of planning, applying, supporting, and sustaining high levels of personalized learning.


Custom Observations

Any Observation Framework

Get a customized observation solution for a fraction of the cost. Combine your own formal evaluation or classroom observation framework with our online/mobile data collection tool for a simple and powerful system customized to your specific needs. Let us simplify the observation process and provide customized reporting that allows for the greatest possible impact.

"LoTi will take the extra steps to ensure successful implementation and will work directly with you to customize their tools and resources to best meet the needs of your staff and students."

Dr. James McCartney

Director of Technology and Innovation

The TASIS School in Dorado, Puerto Rico

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