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Empirical Validation

Validity Research

The LoTi survey has undergone extensive research over 20+ years and has emerged as a statistically-valid tool achieving (1) content, (2) construct, and (3) criterion validity.

Empirical Validation: Project

Content Validity

Original LoTi Questionnaire

In 1995, shortly after Dr. Chris Moersch developed the original LoTi Framework and LoTi Questionnaire instrument, a team of instructional technology professionals evaluated the LoTi Questionnaire for content validity. Content validity was established through a representative item sampling of the survey's different content domains.

Construct Validity

LoTi DETAILS Questionnaire

In Spring, 2006, the LoTi Questionnaire was the topic of an extensive validation study conducted by Dr. Jill Stoltzfus at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This validation study focused on an expanded version of the original LoTi Questionnaire (LoTi DETAILS) that could be used to capture the depth of teachers' professional development needs.

Criterion Validity

LoTi Digital Age Survey

The LoTi Digital Age survey was the topic of a criterion-based validation study conducted by Dr. Jill Stoltzfus in the Fall of 2009. This study focused on comparing aggregate results from the LoTi Digital Age Survey version of the assessment with results from another instructional technology survey, the Texas School Technology and Readiness (STaR) assessment.

Empirical Validation: Projects

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