LoTi Survey Revisited: EPP Self-Studies

January 12, 2018


For over 20 years, the LoTi Digital Age Survey has experienced a wide variety of uses. It has served as the foundation for doctoral dissertations, research studies, educational publications, and K-12 technology grants worldwide. Most recently, the survey is gaining momentum among educator preparation providers (EPPs) seeking ongoing state and/or CAEP accreditation for their teacher certification programs.


Most traditional and alternative teacher preparation routes require that EPPs collect ongoing program data to maintain their accreditation status. The empirically-validated LoTi Survey collects teacher candidate data up to three times during the course of the preparation program. The reported survey data compares metrics for each program cohort (beginning, middle, end), providing program directors with both annual cohort-specific and long-term program trends.


Why the renewed interest in the metrics embedded in the survey? The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) articulates a set of 5 standards that "define the backbone of the accreditation process." The LoTi Digital Age Survey for Teacher Candidates is aligned to both the CAEP Standards and the InTASC Standards, providing an efficient and effective way to gather valid and reliable data for EPP self-studies.

While the survey provides EPPs with critical accreditation metrics, it also provides valuable resources for teacher candidates. Each candidate receives targeted results, personalized suggestions for future professional learning, and access to resources aligned to the survey metrics. Since results are based on candidate responses to key measures such as student engagement, technology use, formatives assessments, and differentiated instruction, they provide candidates a practical plan for professional growth and the resources to implement that plan right away.


As articulated in several CAEP-related publications, the goal of EPP accreditation shouldn't focus on documenting program requirements. Instead, it should concentrate on conversations about continuous improvement that impact all stakeholders associated with the accreditation process. The LoTi Survey results will start these conversations and expedite the improvement process in one simple step.



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